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Best dentist in Las Vegas, very professional and awesome staff, I take my 3 kids to doctor G. and they enjoy to go there. As a mother of an autistic kid I highly recommend this place for special kids. Thank you CCD!!

Perla Urena Centennial Children's Dentistry Customer Review

Great place made my son feel really comfortable

Pablo L. Google Review

I love this place,friendly staff,very good dentist,everything is awesome !

Perla U. Google Review

Going to the Dentist you dont typically call a 'FUN' experience unless you are a pint sized patient of Dr. G. and his staff. Being a parent himself it really reflects into his work as he just has that personality you want in any Dr. that treats your children. We have two boys ages 6 & 7, and we have been going to Centennial Children's Dentistry since my oldest was 3. As a parent what I love so much about Centennial Children's Dentistry, is in the four years we have been coming the staff has remaind the same. They know you and you know them, they remember whats going on in your kids everyday life and start up conversations with your kids. Our boys love that, it makes them feel special! The entire staff are all also very patient and never get upset with loud voices or lots of energy, that can sometimes come from little boys. The other thing we love, is this is one of the few Doctor's offices where when you have an appointment time and it's when you see your Dr. The longest we have ever waited was 15 minutes, that means alot to me as my time is valuable. Also the office is open on Saturday's something that is a must for us and our schedules. For my boys what they love is..... The waiting room, in fact we were just there Saturday and my oldest says to me, ''Mom when I am done with Dr. G. can I go play for a little bit longer.' See the video game for the boys right now is Lego Batman and there are two controlls so both boys were able to play each other. They also have a video game for girls as well. If your child is too small for video games or you don't care for video games the tv is set to either Disney or Nick, and they have children's books & puzzle cube to keep busy as well. My boy's also love the treasure chest and CARS toothbrush they get at the end of the visit. LOOK NO FURTHER for your children's Dentist, he is right here in DR. Gostanian DDS, MSD

Jill P. Google Review

Dr. G is the best pediatric dentist in town. The office is truly KID FRIENDLY! When you walk in the door you know you are in a positive environment. The atmosphere is peaceful and fun. The office is decorated in a Safari theme. What kid doesn't love animals? The only television shows that play are kid shows, you never have to worry about anything inappropriate coming across the screen. There are children's books, video games and educational toys as well. Oh, and no problem parents- there is reading material for you also. I have four children ages ranging from 8-15 years old they have been seen for regular cleanings, filings, extractions and a spacer. Dr. G. knows how to relate to each child on their level. He is patient, compassionate, and super caring. He treats each patient with respect and kindness. Dr G.'s professionalism is unparalleled. Each visit exceeds my expectation. The kicker is even the staff members are polite and kind. How often have you seen that happen?. They have EXCELLENT customer service skills and treat each person that walks through the door with respect. That tells you alot about the leadership that Dr. G. possess. He values each patient. Anyone that comes here will tell you that he absolutely loves what he does. This not about getting money out of your pockets but providing the best dental care for your child. As a military family, we move alot and have come across many dentist. It is hard to find a great dentist but I am thankful to say our family has finally found a place that works best for us. I cannot thank Dr. Gostanian and his staff enough!

Kesha P. Google Review

Always a pleasure. The kids love him!

Anthony T. Google Review

This is definitely the best children's dentist I've been to with my daughter. Every thought has been given to make the experience a comfortable and fun one for the kids. Great, warm staff through and through. Most important thing: because of Dr.Gostanian my daughter LOVES to go to the dentist! Who knew that could even be possible.

Google User Google Review

Great dentist! The entire staff does all they can to help the kids feel comfortable. Front desk was very helpful and we created an affordable way to get my child's work done. The lobby is large and comfortable. It caters to the moms and could use a few more male magazines. The video game for the kids was a nice touch!

Google User Google Review

I was so thankful. I took my 4 yr old for the first time and she was great. Now she's brushing her teeth more than ever and so far no cavities !!!!! But even better I took my 2.5 yr old at the same time and I had to stay with him and I thought he would be so afraid after having his adenoids out he wouldn't let anyone near his mouth. But the staff was so sweet and gentle he didn't even wimper I couldn't believe my eyes and I got pictures and video of their first dentist apt so their father could see it cause I was expecting the worst. 5 stars goes here for sure. :D working mom with 2tots

Google User Google Review

Highly Recommended!! Very Pleased! My boys love going. My boys love the fact that they can watch TV while getting work done. Everyone is friendly and Dr. G is awesome!!!

Google User Google Review

Awesome!!! The staff is so wonderful with children and always puts my daughter at ease. The jungle decor makes you forget you are at the dentist, it doesn't have that cold feel that you usually get from dentist offices.

Google User Google Review

Awesome!!! The staff is so wonderful with children and always puts my daughter at ease. The jungle decor makes you forget you are at the dentist, it doesn't have that cold feel that you usually get from dentist offices.

Google User Google Review

5 Star Review

Jessica F. Google Review

5 Star Review

Google User Google Review

After receiving horrible dental treatment for my 2 children at another dentist, Dr. G was highly recommended to me by a friend. He is very knowledgable and wonderful with my children! He answers all my questions and explains everything to me in depth. My kids LOVE going to his office and it is no longer a fight to go to the dentist. His front office staff at the Centennial location are friendly and wonderful. They give excellent customer service and are always helpful with insurance questions. I recommend Dr. G and his staff to everyone I know! Their waiting room is very children friendly with a TV showing kids shows and two video game TVs with controls so everyone can play. I can't say enough good things about the Centennial office!

Shelli D. Yelp Review

Our first visit to this office went way better than expected! My 5 year old was filled with dread, but they made everything easy, and his cleaning was a breeze. Dr. G is super nice, and made him feel totally comfortable. I love the way the 'cleaning chair' is sort of out in the open, it's like in the middle of the office. I don't know if it was intentionally set up that way or not, but what a GREAT way to ease anxiety ! I never thought about it till coming here, but walking into a small room with the dental chair, and seeing all that equipment for the first time, it probably feels like an operating room. But here, its just a chair, out in the open, with a TV on the ceiling, of course. We saw the Dr walk past a couple times, and he said hi. So when it was our turn, he just sort of casually came over and asked my son if he was ready for him to take a look.
great set up! It really made a difference for my 5 year old, making everything seem a bit more casual and relaxed...

UPDATE : Ok, we finally had to go back with our 5 year old to have some dental work done, and since my review above was after only the initial exam, ( which is the easy part ) I just wanted to update that this place does still get 5 stars from our family...i couldnt believe how easy it went. He was sedated for the work. As soon as we got there they took him back to drink the medicine, then brought him right back out to sit for a bit while it kicked in...again, i have to stress how much easier and LESS stressful it seems to be for the kiddos when they go back without the parents. It just makes sense.
Anyway, while we were waiting for the meds to kick in, they took my teenage son back for his cleaning. then they came and got the little one, and he just walked right back with her, no problem.
And he was just fine and ready to go home an hour later...no complaints!

Kristi B. Yelp Review

After a TERRIBLE experience with another children's dentist in town, I was referred to Dr.G. He is nothing short of amazing. His staff is friendly and competent, everything is well explained, and we have never had a traumatic visit. My kids have zero fear of the dentist now - which is so great because they used to get upset at the thought of having to go. Their teeth look amazing and I am so confident that they are being well taken care of. I am so happy we found Centennial Children's Dentistry. We actually moved across town a few years ago and still make the drive to see Dr. G. He is worth it! Thank you for taking such great care of my kiddos!

Courtney B. Yelp Review

Awesome dentist, awesome staff, awesome office, awesome wait times! My child has been coming here for 1 year now and he enjoys his visit! We have been through a couple dentist offices in the past and finally found the one, definitely recommend!! The doctor is amazing!!

Linda B. Yelp Review

I can honestly say I've been coming here for a good close to 8 years now. Dr. G has been amazing with my first child, that I decided to bring my other two children. The staff is warm and welcoming I have never had a bad experience here. The environment is clean obviously safari theme. By far the best doctor in town very experienced

Crystal G. Yelp Review

I chose this location so that my parents could take my kids here during the summer months, while they're out of school and I'm working. When I made the first appointment I was told that I would need to come in on the initial visit and show my ID and insurance info, then after that my parents could bring my kids to their appointments. It so happened that they had a Saturday appointment available at 7:15 so I booked the appointment and took my girls. The staff was very friendly from the front desk staff all the way up to the handsome dentist. He took the time to answer any concerns I had after their exams. My youngest had a cavity and had to schedule a follow up appointment. She had no complaints after her procedure. The office decor is beautiful as you can see from the pics, and the place was immaculate.

Jill C. Yelp Review

Love this office and staff. Always patient and very customer service oriented. Love how the decor and location has been specifically designed for children. Dr. Gostanian is a good dentist and while explaining things makes suey that he provides all information and in a honest manner. I really appreciate that.

Bianca G. Yelp Review

Centennial Children's Dentistry is absolutely wonderful!! I can't say enough good things about this pediatric dentistry office! Let's start with the front desk staff... Amazing!! So personable and easy to talk to and efficient at their jobs! The dental hygienist who worked with my daughter was also so sweet and gentle with my little girl! And Dr. G... Absolutely incredible! He was gentle and kind with my daughter and made her feel so comfortable! My daughter is only four so it was so important to me that her experience here was a positive one and that it was!! She loved it and can't wait to go back! Only thing my daughter recommended was more toys and/or books in the waiting room :) other than that, this place is phenomenal! Highly recommended!

Jocelyn R. Yelp Review

Dr. Gostanian & the staff are amazing and very friendly! My son is 12 & went to get two cavities filled.. Was taken right in at Appt time.. Procedure was smooth & pain free! Atmosphere was very cute/ kid friendly.. My son could watch TV as he was in chair!

Sarah B. Yelp Review

i loved this place. my poor baby was scared since it was his first time and the dentist was so understanding.

Veronica G. Yelp Review

Very Awesome experience for my little guy! We have had difficult trips to other offices in the past, but this was a very smooth visit. The staff was very professional and the Dr. was very good with my son! My family splits time between CA and LV........dental visits will now strictly be in LV!

Bobby D. Yelp Review

After having had an unnecessary procedure done on my then 6 year old son by an incompetent valley dentist my son was terrified of dentist to say the least. After that horrid experience I made sure I was more proactive in finding an amazing, gentle, and moral dentist that is when I found Dr. G!!!! My two boys love seeing him. He is thorough and very good with kids. I am taking my infant in as soon as he turns one for his first check up! I give Dr. G and staff a 5 star rating :)

Jewel D. Yelp Review

We were referred here by a friend when we had a minor dental issue and decided that we would come back. The staff is great! The office is very open and clean and set up for children. Both my kids received excellent treatment and were happy. Dr. G is very friendly and professional and has a great way of putting things into perspective and answering any questions you have. Take your children here!!

Jason H. Yelp Review

Thank you Dr. Gostanian & Staff for making our children's first trip to the new dentist/office a great one! Both the staff and Dr. Gostanian were extremely kind and gentle, they took the time to answers any questions I had and explained everything thoroughly. The office is very very clean(a Mom's dream come true..lol)and the location is Wonderful, it's nice not having to worry about arriving early to get parking! lol I wish we would've known about this office sooner but nonetheless, I'm very glad that we finally found them! I'm confident that every dental appt/experience for our children will be a great one from here on out!! I highly recommend this office : )

Erica K. Yelp Review

I have been taking my children (now 6 and 9) to see Dr. G for last 4 1/2 years and they LOVE him...in fact my daughter wants to be a kids dentist! Office staff is pleasant. Office runs on time. Definitely children oriented. Everything explained to parents, all treatments given options. My children constantly ask if its time to go back!

Jeni B. Yelp Review

5 Star Review

Heidi N. Google Review

5 Star Review

Melissa T. Google Review

5 Star Review

James G. Google Review

I greatly appreciate an office staff and a doctor who feels strongly and passionately enough to make sure our children's needs, as well as ours as parents, are met through strong communication, patience, and understanding. One thing I learned today: while reviews can be great places to leave positive comments; concerns often can be rectified by being people again and communicating with others personally. And that's a good feeling.

Cassandra G. Google Review

Dr G was wonderful along with his supportive and patient staff. Our 4 y/o enjoyed her first dentist visit and is already asking for a follow up!

Sally J. Google Review

5 Star Review

Jessica G. Google Review

Great office. Dr. Gostanian is the best! Super kid friendly. Will definitely recommend this place to other mothers.

Julie S. Google Review

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